Me and Paul joined RDAD today. It ´s a non-profit organisation, and relies completely on assistance from individuals and organisations in order to keep the programme running. You can also support by simply promoting them, their programme, sharing my post for awareness or just by coming along and volunteering as well.

Currently they have approximately 60 children, age 4 – 10, enrolled in the riding programme.
Autism, cerebral palsy, Down syndrome, spina bifida, mental retardation are some examples of what disabilities the riders’ might have.

Today was the first introduction. I teared up when I met with the horses and occured to me what an impact these lovely 4 legged creatures have in the lives of these children. Unconditional love.

During the mingling, I overheard one of the returning volunteers sharing a story about one former rider, who never had spoken, and thanks to the trust and love from the horse, one day, just out of the blue, he started to talk -

IMG_5258 IMG_5271 IMG_5270 IMG_5262 Hubby was making fun of me for this… “Why can you not just follow the group like normal people?” Hahaha!IMG_5259 IMG_5286 IMG_5284 IMG_5279 IMG_5266 IMG_5263 IMG_5292 IMG_5268


I believe the pictures speak for themselves, but you can tell the little monsters love it here, can´t ya?

And oh yea… I tried to take the below pictures WITHOUT the little princess, while I was waiting for the photographer to come over.
Now what made me think that was gonna work…?
Sara LOVES attention, and can sniff any opportunity to show off and be in the spotlight…
The feature will be out by next week. I´ll keep you posted as for when the it will be live.

Tomorrow me and Paul are starting a new ‘project’ for during the fall. (And most probably throughout our stay in Dubai.) We are volunteering at the Dubai Desert Polo club, at the riding school for disabled children. I signed up months ago and finally they are opening up after the summer break. Tomorrow we have to be there early for introductions.
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