First of all, I want to send my thoughts and prayers to the family and friends who lost their loved ones on flight MH17. Secondly, I pray for an end to the attacks in Gaza.
What is happening in the world?!

We had a weekend of organisation in the house, while CNN kept us updated in the Malaysian air flight shot down. It was def not a mutual decision to start this project,
but I clearly felt a need.

I spent 8 hours at IKEA and Dragon Mart here in Dubai, after cleaning the house for 24 hours, including looking for one of the cats who went missing.
But the story ended well, early morning, we saw Gilbert walking cross the garden, happy to found her way back home. Not to mention how happy I was.
And Paul, who was most probably expecting me to take out a divorce because of Gilbert’s disappearance.


Casual Thursday!


Weekend started with talking this little one to the vet to start the vaccinations.


My husband its strawberries with white bread and sugar – what is that for kind of mix?! 

IMG_1439IMG_1440I’m such a good house wife. Sometimes. Occasionally. 


Yes, we ordered help with putting the IKEA stuff together… 


Our new family member is a real show off. Just look at him, he loves the attention he gets. <3 Can´t blame him. He must think he died and gone to heaven. He gets free flow of food and water, an AC home, comfy bed…

IMG_1325Dusting of my old McQ dress and denim jacket from Sass&Bide.IMG_1331

Frankie starring for ZOOLANDER 2. 

Skärmavbild 2014-07-14 kl. 21.26.57

An old fling which I finally managed to bring home to my closet.

Last but not least, proud of our breeds, and their success at home. I still remember their mum, Nellie. My first horse. Sounds weird, since my parents had a horse farm, with an amount of 30+ horses in total, but she was my first horse, that I broke in, and made future plans with. Later on, I competed with the father of the below horses. Nice to see they are doing well, these lovely, charming, goofy, a bit crazy but oh-so beautiful horses. <3

Images taken by Elenore Larsson.10458672_10152143001981436_3202530814378744709_n

10493024_10152142950156436_756139318333067798_o 10345821_10152142951936436_1468868397804536809_n 10502249_10152142953256436_7939446298765217248_n 10527729_10152142953396436_2015165432214196172_n 10478187_10152142954166436_1788167693317108089_n 10491285_10152142955511436_5111823070855028985_n 10399445_10152142955786436_257962030083727647_n 10463922_10152142956931436_4066961166080363002_n 10501933_10152142957211436_7192378889947625107_n


Four became five

I have been feeding some stray kittens for a few months now. They lost their mother when they were about 4-5 weeks, and since then, they have been raised by the other stray cats. Every time I’ve come to feed them, this one white kitten has always jumped up on my lap.
20140711-230323-83003894.jpg20140711-230323-83003576.jpg20140711-230324-83004922.jpg20140711-230324-83004658.jpg20140711-230324-83004156.jpg20140711-230324-83004405.jpgI don’t know how, but all of a sudden, I heard myself talking to the vet,
making an appointment …20140711-231525-83725195.jpg20140711-231525-83725440.jpgAnd off to the vet we went.20140711-230950-83390524.jpgAll tests negative, and we brought him home. ❤️ 20140711-231114-83474554.jpg20140711-231114-83474060.jpg20140711-231114-83474805.jpgWe named him Frankie, after the coach from Ajax, Frank de Boer… (I named Gilbert so I had to give this one away to Paul…)20140711-231115-83475622.jpg20140711-231117-83477873.jpgFrankie is doing well, sleeping a lot. I can´t stop thinking of his siblings, still out there, without a home… If anyone is up for adopting, let me know.




We went for a weekend getaway to explore a little bit more of the U.A.E, than just Dubai. Targeted destination, Ras al Khaimah. We had arranged a beach villa for two nights.
It was so nice to wake up to the sound of the ocean.
We took it very easy, slept in and ordered room service.
Now back at home and it has not been a single minute of rest since.
Saw the image below on FB and straight away took hubby and dog with me to the supermarket to purchase food for them.
We are now a few people, working on logistics on getting them to a vet. The place is 1,5 hour away, otherwise I would have taken them myself, straight away. But there are people closer to the place than I am. However, I´m thinking of taking on one of the stray kittens, from here, which I am feeding. One of them is really keen on me. I´m just worried about what Gilbert will say.
She doesn´t like other cats. She doesn´t like anyone actually.

Skärmavbild 2014-07-05 kl. 19.03.42IMG_1063IMG_1064 IMG_1065
IMG_1067 IMG_1101 IMG_1073IMG_1095IMG_1120 IMG_1121 IMG_1122



2 days have passed since we launched our #DKNYRamadan campaign and it has gone global! Picked up world-wide by bloggers, news site, fashion sites and social medias. I’m so happy and proud!
ELLE Malaysia and Vogue Netherlands featured today, amongst others.
Check it out!

Skärmavbild 2014-07-02 kl. 22.10.36Skärmavbild 2014-07-02 kl. 22.10.55Skärmavbild 2014-07-02 kl. 22.11.11

Packing for a small getaway after work tomorrow. One more day to go…