What an intense, but amazing day yesterday was.

It started with a photo shoot at Level43 Sky Lounge, where I actually was the model… (!) Don´t worry, you’ll not see my face anywhere. It was a FW14 inspirational shoot, with a chopped of head concept. :-)
Òff with her head!`



To be continued…

After the shoot, I treated myself with a hairmask at JetSet in Emirates Tower Boulevard. My hair is so dry and damaged after many, many years of constantly doing highlights.


The result was AMAZING! I have never had this beautiful hair! Even my husband said that. And to be honest, I don´t think he would see a difference if I coloured my hair black, but this he noticed. <3

IMG_3140.JPGIMG_3127.JPGNever been so ready to hit the city – Hair done and heels on! To be honest, it doesn´t matter what you wear or what makeup you put on, if your hair is not `done`, you are better off staying at home, seriosusly.
The target for the night was GQ. I´ve heard of their cocktails and the rumors were oh-so true. It was like fluid desserts! Imagine creme brulee as a cocktail? Amazing!
And the bartenders Eric and Javier deserves a special `Thank you´, as they were educating me and my little crew on drinks and flavours.
Can´t wait to be back at the crime scene… Just have to recover first. :-)





IMG_3130.JPGWe ordered a little bit of everything since we couldn’t decide what to have… And all three of us agreed that the mixed sushi platter was the best dish by far. And guys, on Sundays, between to midnight, you get to eat as much sushi as you want, for a fixed price.
I forgot how much our charming Polish waiter said it would cost, but I do remember it was not expensive!

Can´t wait for next Sunday to come! Looking forward to get another picece of that sushi platter, the nice and good-looking staff, from hostesses to charming bartenders and waiters. ;-)

IMG_3132.JPGIMG_3135.JPGShaking that `Sun Tzu´IMG_3136.JPGIMG_3134.JPGThe making of Madagascar Mile – slurp.



I just love the collaboration between Aquazzura x Olivia Palermo. From September, the collection will be avalible here in Dubai, with four styles exclusive to Level Shoe District . I will have to get my hands on them. Well, I guess I have to limit myself to one pair only… Which ones shall I chose? I need to treat myself with a new pair, since I will be going to
New York Fashion week in September! YEY!
Speaking of Olivia, I remember her from The City. And wow, she has come a long way since then…
Where did my carrier go? :-P​


I´m currently working on a big event for beginning of November. As always when it comes to big events, changes happen and you have to turn everything upside down, and work some magic. That is what my days consist of now, and will most probably do until the event is over. But I love it! It´s part of my job. Last big events I was working on was MTV EMA in Berlin 2009 and MTV EMA in Madrid 2010. Don´t have any images from Madrid. (How´s that possible btw?) But I´ll share some #tb from Berlin. :-)

Rehersal for walking the Red Carpet. (Talent escort. I did not actually walk it. :-P)

Walk through – rehearsal of working on the Red Carpet. (Talent escort. You did not really think I was actually walking it, did you? :-P)


Got to see Kings of Leon rehearsal before the show. I was in heaven. :-)14760_172450355845_643355845_3367938_6553696_n

1917757_332920810650_5323465_nWorking it.


Do you see who it is? Yupp, that´s right. I escorted David Hasselhoff on the Red Carpet.


And yes, another (reality) star; Brody Jenner. And yupp, he was (is) good-looking in real life as well.



And finally, dressed for the after party in McQ. I finally managed to actually walk the
Red Carpet. :-)